Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Week 6 EOC: Fake News

The most prevalent fake news that I saw in recent history revolves around a movie that was set to be released. The movie in question is "A Dog's Purpose", the news was the release of a clearly edited video that implied animal abuse on the set of the movie during production. The video itself was over 15 months old and its release has a clear motive to disrupt the opening weekend sales of the movie. As it wasn't release till only a few weeks prior.

In response the american humane association, embarked on a full scale investigation. And in recent times have come out with their findings. They found that industry standards were maintained, and the video in question was clearly edited to imply that both clips occured at the same time.

There has been criticism from other memebers of the production due to the report clearing the American Human Association of blame. But the thing to note with in the course of the investigation is that, it was under took by a third party investigation to ensure there was no conflict of interest.

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