Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Week 7 EOC: Honda Civic -"TBD Pitch"

The car that I am looking to make a creative brief for, is the Honda Civic. Coming into 2017 this is their second year with their redesigned body for the classic Honda Civic. It showcases the new styles that will bleed into all facets of life. The car is something across the world people attach their sense of self to. No car has been more open to the idea of customizing to the driver as the Civic sense the launch of the Mustang.
Though the after market craze of the last 20 years, for civics has begun to lose itself to the others and the growing sophistication of the car limiting itself to the ability to customize. The afforadablity and all around package that the Civic offers while still playing true to the customers that champion their brand all these years.

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