Wednesday, March 15, 2017

EOC: Week 10: What Channels are you going to do to get your product noticed?

Choose 5 of the channels below and write a brief statement describing them.

Affiliates, is an avenue of advertisement that requires the brand to entice customers to take on another level of relationship with the company. Making them part of the marketing efforts, with the brand usually sharing revenue or perks with the consumer.

Email, is still a very prevalent advertising technique though gone are the days of just emailing a mass newsletter to as many emails as you can get. Now there is a need for content to only be sent when action is necessary. Spam filters will be there to prevent the mass spam of unnecessary messaging.

Loyalty Cards can be a double edge sword as it is a great way to reward people for coming back, but if a company cannot handle giving discounts to so many customers it can affect profits drastically.

QR codes are an affective way to give customers who are looking for more information, the necessary access without limiting the design space.

Youtube channel is an effective way to create content without having to meet standards and cost that come with broadcast. 

Advertising Channels

Aggregator inclusionsAdvertising
Amazon/Ebay storeWeb
Content marketingContent
Desktop appDesktop
Digital banners and signageStores/Advertising
Display remarketingAdvertising
Email signaturesEmail
Facebook advertisingAdvertising
Facebook pageSocial
Film/TV product placementTV
Images & InfographicsContent
In-game adsAdvertising
Influencer outreachSocial
LinkedIn advertisingAdvertising
LinkedIn company profileSocial
LinkedIn groupSocial
Local search marketingSearch marketing
Loyalty cardStores
Marketing emailEmail
Member get member'/Recommend a friendSocial
Mobile advertisingAdvertising
Mobile appMobile
NFC (Near field communications)Advertising/Store
Paid placementsAdvertising
Paid reviewsAdvertising
Pay per clickSearch marketing
Peer to peer supportSocial
PR StuntsPR
Press releasesPR
Product listing advertsAdvertising
Push notificationsAdvertising
QR codesStores
Relationship marketingDirect
Report sponsorshipContent
Research paperContent
RFID tagsStores
Search engine optimisationSearch marketing
Smart TV/Xbox/Console appTV
Tablet appMobile
Telephone automation (IVR)Telephone
Transactional emailEmail
Twitter accountSocial
Twitter advertisingAdvertising
Video ChatDirect
Wearable technologyMobile
Website via desktopWeb
Website via tablet/mobileMobile
YouTube 'pre-rolls' and TrueViewAdvertising
Youtube channelSocial
Account teamDirect
Billboard advertsAdvertising
Brand hijacksEvent
Brand to handAdvertising
Call centreTelephone
Carrier bagsAdvertising
Celebrity endorsementsAdvertising
Concession in larger storeStores
Field sales agentsDirect
Hold musicTelephone
In-box adsAdvertising
Magazine advertsAdvertising
Partner salesPartners
Pop up storesStores
POS displaysStores
Postal/White mailDirect
Product packagingAdvertising
Program sponsorshipTV
Promotional itemsDirect
Radio advertisingAdvertising
Sandwich boardsAdvertising
Sports sponsorshipAdvertising
Street vendorStores
Telephone on hold messagesTelephone
TV advertTV

Week 10 EOC: Interview: Guido Heffels

A blog post that focus on his roll within german advertising industry and the differences between here and german industry.

Guido Heffels (47) is owner, creative director and one of the co-founders of HEIMAT.(

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Week 9 EOC: Creative Content

My creative content will be an all around campaign brief, though there will be no finished work there will be a comprehensive brief on the stylist choices being made and how they parallel with each other. Though each work will not be exactly the same or even have the same message it changes will keep the interest in the campaign and how it connects. This will be to accommodate for the medias used within.

Week 9 EOC: Art and Copy - Key Person (In the industry)


Week 9 EOC: Trends in TV


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Week 8 EOC: Slogan & Fonts


#6 Analysis of Project in the Real World

With the number of generations in the work force and having buying power it’s important to recognize them all for a brand as large as Honda. Though for a successful campaign it is important to focus the efforts to a targeted group. With these advertisements it may seem like we are discouraging the younger audience by not showcasing them behind the wheel. The advertisement is in fact showcasing all the reasons to buy the car with the fact that it is approved by the figure of more authority in their life i.e. their mom, dad, etc..

Targeting the males between the ages of 18-35 with a fast car has been the bread and butter of the auto industry and usually involves the feel of action pack adventure. This is a far cry from the day to day life that they have, combining the two will showcase that even if its just for a moment you can experience joy still in your commute.

Secondary targets will be women in the 18-35 as well, this will be showcasing the design elements of the car and it’s ability to stand out in a crowd. While still being reliable enough that you won’t have to worry about getting where you need to go. At the same time it is a car you can grow with, with its ability to stand the test of time.

The focus on spreading the concept as well as the brand will extend the life cycle of the advertisement as well as the car itself. This is staying true to the slogan, as it will acknowledge where the brand has been and where it's going.