Wednesday, March 1, 2017

#1 Honda Civic: It takes you back...and forward

Honda Civic: It takes you back… and forward.

The slogan takes a look at the look heritage that the Civic has with in American culture. "Introduced more than 40 years ago, the Honda Civic continues to solidify its reputation as an economical and reliable compact."
From it’s early days as a small compact in the midst of the gas shortages of the 70’s. "The Civic helped establish Honda as a viable automaker in the U.S. A few years after the first-generation Civic launched in 1972, Honda unveiled its innovative Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion (CVCC) four-cylinder engine, which met stringent U.S. emission laws in 1975 without the need for a costly catalytic converter." the tuned up street racing crowd that breathed new life in the family car. The new 2016 Honda Civic gives you everything you’ve come to expect from Honda, with unmatchable driving experience you were seeking for all those years.  

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