Wednesday, March 1, 2017

#3 The Big Idea

The big idea is the focusing on the fun of driving with the reliability of a long running family car. "The new 10th generation 2016 Honda Civic is off to a good start and put up a good fight in our 2016 Car of the Year competition where it was considered a finalist for the award. While the radically styled exterior received mixed reviews, judges were impressed by the thoughtful interior showcasing high-grade materials, innovative technology, and simple layout." The sleek design that captures your imagination as it looks just as amazing flashing down the freeway, as it does cruising through residential streets. It’s responsive controls make it a dream to drive through congested urban centers, but with a forgiving suspension that won’t throw you when you’re driving down an old country road.

The big idea is to show youth within the aged, everyone has to grow up eventually but that doesn’t mean you have to lose sight of the inner child. The campaign will be based around showing the Civic in every day situations, showcasing its abilities with on lookers waiting to see who gets out of the car. Only to be shocked to find the driver is not the person they would suspect, such as a soccer mom sreching into a suburban neighborhood in her son’s car.

This is to showcase how emotions you’ll have while driving, with the knowledge that it can handle any situation. "The Civic exemplifies automotive excellence and blends fun with efficiency and practicality. Precise steering, a solid chassis, and a well-tuned suspension provide both a compliant ride and sweet handling." the tip of the hat towards the days gone by, the Civic will show that it is still very much moving forward.

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