Wednesday, March 1, 2017

#4 Promotion

The promotion will be a commercial that will have the ability to spawn spin offs and leaves itself open to parody those furthering the conversation. While there are some that would shy away from making their commercials, looking back to the Lincoln commercial with Matthew Mcconaughey its retention within the public eye.

This simple commercial that seemingly create what many saw as an absurd amount of nostalgia for the brand, went viral when parodies started coming out making note of the actors performance.

Main stream media outlets took their turns with it as well, when Jim Carrey parody the performance on SNL.

South Park played with the character in their wacky races episode.

This embrace of pop culture while still not abandoning past generations is what makes the commercial stand out. Using the humor for the younger crowd while still telling the older generations they have a lot of life to live. You see this connection in other industries advertisments such as Heineken's nod to a racing legend, while telling everyone to drive safe. 

The advertisement will start with kids standing in front of the school. One of the kids will ask what they’re going to do for lunch. The young girl will calmly state that her mom will be coming back with her lunch. Moments later there will be a black Civic turning the corner sharply. The kid will say I thought your mom was bringing your lunch. The Civic will come to a quick stop, and out pops her mom with paper sack lunch in hand. The girl will reply she is, smiling as she skips to get her lunch.

Showcasing the Civics’ supprier handling and all around functionality, with the joy of being able to take on any task that is thrown at it. The concept has legs to build through out the course of the sales year in multiple meanings and gives an easy format to parody for all would be video makers. 

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